The world is experiencing a shift in the way that we live, grow, work, and connect.  The pandemic triggered a massive wave of digital innovation in a variety of arenas and traditional ways of doing things aren't going to work when it comes to people.  We recognize that the world of information has become more difficult to navigate and that if people do not feel valued, they will go someplace else. 
Analyze_only_when_necessary.jpgAt Linking Dreams, we work with organizational leaders to identify various pain points within their organization that are stunting growth, reducing retention, or losing them business/community trust.  We evaluate the problem, ask questions, collect information, analyze it, and then we provide advisory, next steps, etc.  If you like our ideas, and want our help implementing the solutions we recommend, then we can help with that too!  

Here are some specific consulting services we have offered:
  • Advising Corporate EIG's and Affinity (DEI) Groups and measuring impact/forecasting areas of growth 
  • Helping Open Talent Platforms gain competitive advantage and serve their freelance communities better
  • Advisement on working with underrepresented populations (local to global- which could mean relations in India or LGBTQ+ populations in the United States- it truly varies)
  • Professional referrals to resources or developing a spreadsheet of resources that are tailored to an organization's needs and offerings
  • LGBTQ+ special and complicated situations where a 3rd party expert is needed; specializations in Criminal Justice, law, social work, mental health, general health, and community support
  • Advocacy initiatives that promote fairness; See Projects and Programs
Whether our services are needed for locating a set of resources for a client or community-based program, or helping a company solve internal inclusive policy and practice issues- We are your trusted source when it comes to sensitive matters related to the culture of your business, organization, or community.