With a unique variety of specializations, we have a variety of project and program innovation options to fit any customer’s needs. We are solutions-oriented and we bring diversity to scale for any size organization. Are there gaps or disparities that need addressing in your organization? We aim to help you solve them in a way that serves the greatest number of people while also considering those that do not “fit” or are underrepresented.

Linking Dreams has been a part of and created a variety of projects and programs; which, range in size, timeline, time spent, and resources required to complete. Some projects we have completed can be as small as setting up a support network or support group, and can be as complex as creating an LGBTQ+ mental health program for a hospital in a rural area or a community coalition that addresses key gaps and disparities. To learn more, connect with us for a 15-minute consultation.

Project and Program Service Types (from Smallest to Largest)

RallyGrass Roots Organizing and Advocacy
Historically, Linking Dreams has participated or created many different events and activities that include rallies, marches, community engagement, and even political events that feature objective perspectives. We work with both Republicans and Democrats, to address issues, encourage respectful collaboration, inclusive conversations and break the cycle of hate and ignorance from both sides. We have written inclusive policies and implemented change that forges reasonable accommodations for all types of people. In 2018, Linking Dreams Founder, Chris “Link” Duarte, was nominated for the Arizona Humanitarian Award, and in January 2019, Chris was nominated as Man of the Year for the City of Prescott, Arizona for his lifelong commitment to building healthier communities and advocating for LGBTQ+ people from all sides. #capacitybuilding #communityengagement #initiativedesign #organizingprocess #advocacy

Story Projects and Panel Education
Panel Programs invite people with lived experience to share their stories and oftentimes these programs are paired with half or full day work sessions that are comprised of training and hands on workshops containing multiple case studies to work through. Linking Dreams has created and participated in a variety of these types of projects for a various customers and communities. Some examples include the Human Library, Out of Arizona Documentary from Equality Arizona, and a program titled Project D.A.T.E. (Diversity and Ally Team for Education); a program that reached more than 10K people in just 2 years. #communityimpact #education #panelprograms #LGBTQstories #keynote

Church Talk
Research and Publications
Research and publications that we participate in are data-informed, emerging topics related to LGBTQ+ populations, underrepresented, the impacts of poverty, future of work, and advocacy related themes. In 2017, Chris “Link” Duarte led a study that surveyed more than 1100 LGBTQ+ participants in just 21 days, across some of the most rural areas in the United States; including tribal territories. Today, this study remains the only formal LGBTQ+ health research study ever conducted on LGBTQ+ populations in Arizona. In addition to formal studies and research, we have published a number of articles, and more recently, an article related to the great resignation and fair work inclusion for all types of workers. Click here to view more

Lets Get Better Together ConferenceConferences and Festivals
Linking Dreams provides speakers for a variety of conferences and festivals, but we also create these types of events too! Projects include day-programs, summits, forums, event design, and festival design. This category of services can range in size, format and a full consultation is required to determine needs, specific logistical concerns and team needs. From strategic design to implementation, facilitation, team management, programmatic evaluation, design, and promotions, we can act in part or manage the entire full-scale project. Some of our most successful conferences and festivals include: the first official LGBTQ+ Pride ever held on a college campus, large scale Pride events, family engagement events, and more than 750 various events that spotlight unique populations and voices throughout our tenure. Connect with us to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Picnic BoothFormal Programs, Events and Coalitions
This offering requires a minimum of 3 months, depending on the size and formal structure of the program or organization. Some programs can be housed within an existing business or organization; whereas some programs or coalitions can be created as a stand-alone entity or non-profit. Some examples of programs we have created include: An LGBTQ+ resources and support program that ranked 13th out of 364 for its model of inclusion, An LGBTQ+ health and wellness program that served over 1000 clients annually who needed special support in this area, and a Coalition that provides an umbrella of support, resources, and activities for LGBTQ+ people and allies across the 6th largest county in the United States. Although, many of our programs have related to LGBTQ+, our skillset provides us with the capability to leverage our talent to create dynamic programs for any underrepresented population. Connect with us to learn more.