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Aug 30th @ 3pm EST, 12pm PST
Founder, CEO and Human Capital Consultant. Chris "Link" Duarte shares how he's helping companies find balance in how they identify, communicate, and advocate for their diverse communities.

Why it Matters!
Groundbreaking digital innovations have powered rapid growth in open talent and entrepreneurship sectors; people are connecting with one another from around the world to make work happen. As changes fuel the “great resignation,” people are seeking out inclusive, flexible and fulfilling career opportunities which are only available to some. FTE guest expert Chris "Link" Duarte, CEO of Linking Dreams, explains how advocacy and “equality” initiatives are leaving some populations behind and what leaders can do to ensure equitable access and opportunities for all.

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I am so excited about being selected as one of 6 finalists for the Global Inclusion Forum Small Business Awards! To pitch Linking Dreams to a global audience is a dream come true. The Global Inclusion Conference takes place in Kiev, Ukraine from May 19th until May 26th, 2022. They bring together global leaders in the areas of DEI and Cultural Inclusion into dynamic presentations where they share the top trends, tools, and take-aways to solve cultural inclusion issues for any size community or business. I look forward to learning from others and making new connections! Hope to see you there!
Looking for a great opportunity to earn CEU’s and hear an impactful story? From 2018-2021, I worked on a legal case to help a Native American woman obtain custody of her children. When "Tamara" reached out to me and asked for help to find an attorney, she hadn't seen her 5 children in 2 years. Although I had more than a decade of experience working with families, there were various challenges that made this case especially challenging. Tribal laws, the Covid-19 pandemic, and other challenges posed many barriers, and we had to discover new ways – while being mindful of tradition – to seek an outcome that would be in the best interest of the children. On July 20th, 2022, I will be hosting a workshop at the Arizona Statewide Prevent Child Abuse Conference, where I will review this landmark case, discuss the barriers and outcomes, and share tips on how to gain positive results when working with families in the Tribal Family Court System.
For many years, I have experienced discrimination from employers because of my transgender identity. As the world has become transformed by new innovations and technology, AI and this new data science has created new challenges. Today, many underserved populations remain invisible in the Future of Work. As more and more people resign from their jobs and seek more flexible work, income, and to free themselves from bad leadership, they are mesmerized by the promises made from online Open Talent Platforms. In reality, people are moving to “self-employed” as gig workers, creators, entrepreneurs, and consultants while creating increased flexibility in their day-to-day. Is it really that easy though to increase income and gain more freedom in your life? No. People fall through the cracks and lack of access, protections, and inclusive development creates real issues for workers. At the Center for the Transformation of Work, we bring together a community of thought leaders and platform architects to discuss issues that are affecting workers on a global level. As the chair of the Advocacy Group, I lead a group of leaders from around the world where our purpose is to lift up the voices of Open Talent in the Future of Work Economy/Space. If you are interested in learning more and joining the conversation, please sign up as a member.
Every year during Pride Month (June), companies around the world display rainbows to demonstrate their support of LGBTQ+.  Unfortunately, in many cases, none of the money raised from Pride Month actually goes back into supporting LGBTQ+ people.  The pride flag has become a token symbol; a non-authentic gesture of inclusion without any real substance.  At Pride 365, they believe that the pride symbol should be restored to its original purpose- a symbol of pride.  To take action, Pride 365 certifies companies to ensure that they are authentically supporting LGBTQ+ throughout the year and not just during Pride month.  Rather than shame organizations for not being inclusive, they leverage the expertise of consultants and champions from around the world to help organizations develop the strategies to put LGBTQ+ people central in their inclusive models.  I feel humbled to be listed as one of their global Champions for LGBTQ+ inclusion!