Linking Dreams Global
Linking Dreams Global

Problems cannot be solved with Black and White thinking

Linking Dreams is the “missing link” for people, organizations, and enterprises to “think outside the box” with our wide array of culturally conscious strategy consulting, advising, training, and program design services.
“Link,” Linking Dream’s Founder, has been committed to making the world a safer place for underrepresented populations since 2002. Some highlights include:
  • Innovative Design of more than 100 signature programs
  • Consulting and Advisement with hundreds of companies locally in the U.S. and around the world
  • Have engaged more than 1500 audiences with custom-designed training solutions; some audiences as large as 25,000 people!
Link’s passion is creating positive impact for people, far beyond his own reach, by people, businesses, and communities build capacity for actions that create positive change.

We are the link between culture and technology

People come to us for all kinds of reasons because of our focused approach on trust-building. Linking Dream’s team provides a safe space for people to discuss sensitive issues in their life, organization, enterprise, or community. Our large international network of partners ensure that we are culturally sensitive to any community we work with. Most importantly, we meet people and teams where they are and work alongside them to co-create innovative solutions to help them overcome their challenges.

Are you ready for positive transformation in your life, organization, or community?

Our unique human-centered and ecosystem design approach includes a variety of specializations including, but not limited to:
  • Future of Work Advocacy (i.e. helping open talent platforms build capacity)
  • Digital Transformation (People Analytics, data, inclusion, bias, etc.)
  • Law & Policy
  • Health and Human Services
  • Social Justice
  • Community-based enterprises
  • LGBTQ+ populations

Our motto is this: If we don’t know, we know someone who does and we’ll connect you!
Come explore opportunities that create positive impact for you, your organization and/or the future of (insert your people passion here).

Not sure how to get started?

Discover the “Missing Link” in your life, organization, or community today!
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