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Every year during Pride Month (June), companies around the world display rainbows to demonstrate their support of LGBTQ+.  Unfortunately, in many cases, none of the money raised from Pride Month actually goes back into supporting LGBTQ+ people.  The pride flag has become a token symbol; a non-authentic gesture of inclusion without any real substance.  At Pride 365, they believe that the pride symbol should be restored to its original purpose- a symbol of pride.  To take action, Pride 365 certifies companies to ensure that they are authentically supporting LGBTQ+ throughout the year and not just during Pride month.  Rather than shame organizations for not being inclusive, they leverage the expertise of consultants and champions from around the world to help organizations develop the strategies to put LGBTQ+ people central in their inclusive models.  I feel humbled to be listed as one of their global Champions for LGBTQ+ inclusion!