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For many years, I have experienced discrimination from employers because of my transgender identity. As the world has become transformed by new innovations and technology, AI and this new data science has created new challenges. Today, many underserved populations remain invisible in the Future of Work. As more and more people resign from their jobs and seek more flexible work, income, and to free themselves from bad leadership, they are mesmerized by the promises made from online Open Talent Platforms. In reality, people are moving to “self-employed” as gig workers, creators, entrepreneurs, and consultants while creating increased flexibility in their day-to-day. Is it really that easy though to increase income and gain more freedom in your life? No. People fall through the cracks and lack of access, protections, and inclusive development creates real issues for workers. At the Center for the Transformation of Work, we bring together a community of thought leaders and platform architects to discuss issues that are affecting workers on a global level. As the chair of the Advocacy Group, I lead a group of leaders from around the world where our purpose is to lift up the voices of Open Talent in the Future of Work Economy/Space. If you are interested in learning more and joining the conversation, please sign up as a member.