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Looking for a great opportunity to earn CEU’s and hear an impactful story? From 2018-2021, I worked on a legal case to help a Native American woman obtain custody of her children. When "Tamara" reached out to me and asked for help to find an attorney, she hadn't seen her 5 children in 2 years. Although I had more than a decade of experience working with families, there were various challenges that made this case especially challenging. Tribal laws, the Covid-19 pandemic, and other challenges posed many barriers, and we had to discover new ways – while being mindful of tradition – to seek an outcome that would be in the best interest of the children. On July 20th, 2022, I will be hosting a workshop at the Arizona Statewide Prevent Child Abuse Conference, where I will review this landmark case, discuss the barriers and outcomes, and share tips on how to gain positive results when working with families in the Tribal Family Court System.